Monthly Calendar


Our calendar has a brief summary of activities that will be explored during the month. It lists things from field trips to stories we will read to crafts and special snacks. It will be handed out at the begining of each month along with a newsletter, meal menu, fieldtrip permission form and anything else we feel is needed for the month.


Each week has a different theme; we will explore this theme in songs, stories and various crafts and activities throughout the week.  Some of our themes are Letters, Dental Health, Teddy Bears, Dinosaurs, 5 Senses and many More!


Creativity is the basis for all activities at Waddling Duck Daycare. Creativity integrates physical, mental, social, and emotional growth. Creativity is fostered by a free, flexible, accepting, and open environment and by openly discovering, inventing, and creating. In addition to having the opportunity for self-expression, children are practising small motor skills, eye-hand coordination, left-to-right progression, and whole part relationships.



Please feel free to take a look at a some of our Activity Calendars below.



2014 May Activity Calendar.doc 2014 May Activity Calendar.doc
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2014 October Activity Calendar.doc 2014 October Activity Calendar.doc
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